Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Britney Got A New Date

Pop star Britney Spears is dating 25-year-old male model and actor Isaac Cohen, according to reports.

The star was spotted sailing around Marina del Rey, Calif., over the weekend on a private powerboat with her new companion.

Cohen bears a resemblance to Spears' estranged husband Kevin Federline and dresses in a similar style, favoring low-slung jeans and a kerchief on his head.

The bikini-clad mother-of-two seemed to be enjoying herself during the excursion, and the two shared several intimate moments.

Cohen's agent at LA Models, Brandi Lord, has confirmed the romance to People magazine saying the couple's relationship began "recently ... within the last month. He's got a great heart and a good family, and he was raised well. He's a gentleman."

Lord insists Cohen isn't after the singer for her fame adding, "(He) is not a player. (He) is not out to get a name for himself."

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