Monday, October 23, 2006

Romance According to Mars

When my friend Kendall told me that she was buying her boyfriend a miter saw for their one anniversary, I couldn’t help but tease her a bit. Nothing says romance like a power saw! Since I was instrumental in hiding the gift, I got to see her guy’s response when he laid eyes on it. He was elated!. She gave the man what he really wanted…romance according to Mars, not Venus.

Many women think red roses, candlelight dinners, champagne, and surprise weekend getaways when they think of romance. Men don’t necessarily associate all these sappy things with romance but, many go along with it, to make us happy. In dating, romance also takes on different faces.

When two people are dating, the simple sweet gestures are full of romance because it is mixed with the possibilities of something deeper. Since men and women perceive romance differently, women sometimes miss the romantic gestures that men display in dating.

I asked a few male friends of mine what romance meant to them. They also shared what they considered romantic gestures. Surprisingly, it didn’t really have to do with the bedroom.

Men really dig compliments. They like it when we notice great things about them, whether it is a nice comment about their tool belt or their Kenneth Cole belt, they completely eat it up. It helps if the compliment is actually genuine, and not overreaching.

Customized dates. Sure you can make reservations at the restaurant you adore, possibly where you have been with countless other men, but creating an evening that is specifically geared to your date’s wishes, likes, and favorites scores many points with the fellas.

Small things go a long way. Guys seem to be sticking to that whole “we are easy to please” notion, and I just may start to believe them. The men said that even small things like, having his favorite beer at your house, getting the NFL network on your digital cable, or buying him socks that screams romance to them. It shows that you care enough to make efforts just for him. Not unlike the ladies, effort = romance.

What are other man-approved romantic gestures?

Ladies, what is the most romantic date you have experienced? How do you romance a guy you are dating?

Guys, what is your idea of romance in dating? How does it change once a relationship is developing?

Does romance or lack of romance determine compatibility?