Thursday, October 12, 2006

Drive-By Dating

Only in the USA – a new twist to online dating American motorists can now send an email to anyone using their using their number plate!

You just saw your soulmate drive past you on the road. The only problem is you never met them before and you have no way to contact them. That is until came to the rescue.

" allows you to contact any driver you see on the road instantly using their license plate," says Scott Rose, Vice President of, which launched several months ago and already has more than 3 million license plates registered on the site. "Using your cell phone, you can send a text message right then and there to any license plate you see on the road, and if that license plate is registered on our site, the message gets immediately delivered to the cell phone linked to it. Or when you get home, you can log onto our web site and send a message that the other person will receive when they log in. But never would someone else get your real name, email address or phone number from us. That's up to the two of you after contact is made." is the only free license plate messaging system on the net. "It's a new way to contact someone you normally wouldn't have access to," says Rose.

If the other car has a license plate that's not yet registered, stores the message and notifies you when that plate becomes registered. "With tens of thousands of new members joining daily, it's only a matter of time before the person you are trying to contact signs up," says Rose.

Besides dating or buying and selling cars, Rose says the site has many benefits: Make new friends, recruit members for a car club, locate a business whose vehicle you saw and even complain to someone about their driving. "This could cut down on road rage because [members] now have a non-violent way to express their anger," he says.

As a special promotion to celebrate the 3-millionth registered license plate, is giving away $10,000 a month in cash and prizes for the next 10 months. "Every month we will be giving away 16 Sony PSPs, 16 Video iPods and $2000 cash to members of," Rose says. "We have a unique tracking system where you can tell your friends about and increase your chances of winning."

And with that, the site has grown faster than they ever imagined. What was once a small novel idea quickly turned into a large website. "At first it was hard to keep up with the amount of traffic the site was receiving. We never imagined it would become popular this fast," says Rose. With the new cell phone messaging system, and the $100,000 giveaway, is hoping to reach 40 million registered license plates within the next 12 months. "The future of depends on members connecting with other members and by what we've seen so far, we know we are on the road to success," Rose continues.

Use of the site is free. Anyone can register at to check if they have messages waiting for them. "Many people are surprised to find out they have messages waiting for them when they sign up," says Rose. "It's really exciting to find out someone is trying to get in touch with you." All messages sent through are both private and anonymous and only the details you wish to make private are shared.

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