Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Work And Romance Novels Don't Mix

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa -- A Sioux Center woman has been fired a job at an industrial equipment manufacturer for working on a romance novel on company time.

Tanja Shelton began working at Sioux Automation in Sioux Center in August, where she had a desk job as a production control scheduler. After a few weeks, her supervisor, Cindy Altena, noticed Shelton was typing almost constantly.

According to state records, a computer technician examined Shelton's computer, showing what appeared to be a romance novel with the working title "Taylorville." It focused on the summertime activities and desires of a teenage temptress named Taylor.

The company fired Shelton, who challenged the decision and wanted unemployment benefits. She said that her writing was a way of honing her skills during slow periods at work.

An administrative law judge denied benefits, but all is not lost. Shelton, who has a journalism degree from Dordt College, said she'll finish the book.

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