Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Perfect Marriage

What do you get when you combine domain picking and web 2.0? You get – a classic win-win service. Here is how it works. A person who wants a domain name deposits $50 and writes specifications about the desired domain. After that the order is added to the database. Now anyone can see that order and submit his or her ideas for the domain name. If a name is registered, contributor who suggested the name gets $25 via PayPal (the other half goes to PickyDomains.Com). If none of the suggestions are deemed usable, the client promptly gets $50 deposit back upon request.

While is only one year old, it already landed on the list of top 10 wackiest but successful online business ideas, has been profiled by The San Francisco Chronicle and boasts Aaron Wall, Yanik Silver and Wendy Piersall among its customers.

So next time you can’t come up with a domain name or if you are the creative type who’d like to get paid for suggesting unusual domain name ideas – check out