Saturday, June 09, 2007

Woman Fakes Abduction To Get Out Of Date

A bride-to-be who wanted to get out of a date with a man she met on a phone chat line is in trouble with the law, but it seems her future husband is more forgiving.

Sara White is facing a misdemeanor charge of abusing emergency dispatch services for telling authorities she had been hit on the head and dragged into the trunk of a car while sitting in a Sacramento park.

White said she concocted the story Monday after agreeing to meet a man—not the one she plans to marry—for a date in a Sacramento park.

Instead of going ahead with the date, she called him and told him she had been kidnapped.

The man called police, who dispatched 60 officers to search for her.

The 20-year-old White continued the lie when officers called her cell phone.

White was arrested and spent two nights in jail after police found her in her Turlock home.

She says she feels bad about lying to the police. But her engagement is still on, and she plans to get married in April.

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