Sunday, May 27, 2007

Love Bugs Threaten Florida Traffic

Motorists traveling in the interior parts of Florida this holiday weekend are being warned of swarming lovebugs that can impair visibility worse than smog or wildfire smoke, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

The lovebugs, which have been blanketing certain Florida roads, are spattering on vehicle windshields and making it difficult for drivers to see.

"Swarming love bugs spattered on a vehicle's windshield can cause the same impairment to visibility as smog or smoke from wildfires," said Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, public information officer for Florida Highway Patrol Troop K.

FHP officers report lines at windshield washers on Florida's Turnpike have been "exceptionally" long this week in Ft. Pierce, Ft. Drum and Canoe Creek.

Delahoz said the Turnpike is offering a free service to its customers, but warns that if the lines become too long and begin to affect traffic safety on the mainline roadway, they may be forced to shut down the washers intermittently through the heaviest travel periods.

FHP is encouraging motorists to make sure washer fluid reservoirs on their vehicles are topped off before traveling. Motorists should also carry a nylon scrubber or brush.


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