Sunday, December 03, 2006

MDs make hearts flutter in the dating game

VANCOUVER -- Doctors are the most likely to get pulses racing when it comes to dating potential, while politicians are among the last choices of the romantically inclined.

While the news about politicians may come as no surprise, survey results released this week by the speed-dating service FastLife and the online-dating giant Lavalife, are also encouraging for architects, who rate right up there behind doctors as being in the profession of choice for women choosing dates.

While both women and men gave doctors tops rating for "dateability" among the 400 clients surveyed by FastLife men moved more quickly to other assets to put models as their second choice for a date.

Lawyers, often finding themselves on the bottom of the heap when it comes to people's feelings, scored third with women in desirability, while men look to "air hostesses" as the third-ranked job classification they look for in a date.

In fact, air hostesses were considered twice as datable as female pilots.

"I would have to say with what men find the sexiest professions, the stereotypes still rule," said Liv Judd, FastLife events manager. "And for women, doctors and lawyers still seem to be extremely popular when it comes to dating.

"I was surprised that both women and men find doctors most datable I supposed everyone wants to be looked after."

Women's choices in dating partners leaned toward the pocketbook; men seemed inclined to look past the pockets.

Women ranked property agents and firemen as fourth and fifth in their list of top-five dating prospects. For men, if they can't date a doctor, a model or air hostess, their next choice is a dancer, and fifth a musician.

And what is considered the sexiest line of work for a man to be in? In its online survey of 18,852 singles released in conjunction with FastLife's results, Lavalife found athletes are the top choice for women in choosing a date.

Second on the sexiest professions list are those calendar pinups firefighters.

Third are doctors, suggesting that you don't have to be in a profession considered the sexiest to be a sought-after date.

For women's work, men consider models, dancers and again those "air hostesses" as having the sexiest jobs.

Single politicians need not fear they'll have to make time for dating. Most people would prefer to spend time with with a plumber, an accountant, a musician or just about anybody else before they'd step out with a politician perhaps explaining why Canada's most famous political couple, Belinda Stronach and Peter MacKay, had to date each other.

Politicians were just above social workers and behind male nurses in the dateability ranking among women, with 31 per cent of women saying they would date a politician, while only 14 per cent found them sexy.

Men were even more scathing of politicians, with only 20 per cent of men saying they would date a politician.

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Doctor 92%

Architect 89%

Lawyer 89%

Property Agent 89%

Fire Fighter 86%

Accountant 78%

Pilot 78%

Teacher 78%

Athlete 72%

Builder 72%

Musician 72%

Nurse 69%

Social Worker 61%

Dancer 58%

Model 58%

Plumber 58%

Artist 56%

Sales Assistant 50%

Bartender 47%

Air Host 42%

Politician 31%


Doctor 92%

Model 92%

Air Host 88%

Dancer 88%

Musician 88%

Nurse 88%

Property Agents 87%

Sales Assistant 84%

Teacher 84%

Artist 80%

Bartender 80%

Athlete 76%

Lawyer 72%

Architect 68%

Accountant 60%

Social Worker 60%

Pilot 44%

Plumber 44%

Fire Fighter 28%

Politician 20%

Builder 16%

Source: FastLife and Lavalife

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