Monday, January 26, 2009

Doug Stanhope 2002 Word of Mouth

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Warning, if you're under the impression that this lousy 9-5, flag waving, Ipod buying, Applebee scarfing nation of apathetic consumer idiots that most of the population has been suckered into is just friggin DANDY, then you MAY not like what Doug Stanhope has to say. His extreme vulgarity, I think, is very on par with the vulgarity of this hellish world we live in, so I don't see the 'hes so dirrrttyyyyy' excuse as a reason to dismiss this brilliant, drunken comedic mind. Most people hate his material because more often than not, he'll be describing YOU while simultaneously shredding your silly flawed logic, excessive pseudo-patriotism, rain dance religious hocus pocus, the state of politics and so many other pertinent topics. While Doug doesn't blow his own much, he really does this docile society a favor by rattling the cage a bit so hopefully a few more soulless sheeple wake up from this "AMERICAN DREAM."

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