Sunday, April 01, 2007

Panty fetishist on the loose in Virginia

A boudoir burglar is on the loose in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Police say someone is breaking into homes, and you won't believe what they're doing.

Four homes have been broken into over the past three months. The first two were on Monte Vista Avenue. The others were on Sixth Street Southeast and Porter Avenue.

Police say the panty bandit is going through women's dressers and then laying out clothes, such as lingerie and shoes, on a bed in the home.

"In one case, there was a picture of a family member, female family member also laid out on the bed," said Captain Chip Harding with the Charlottesville Police Department.

So far, police have no suspects and no leads, but investigators are looking over rap sheets for people who may fit the bill of having a clothing fetish.

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