Sunday, February 25, 2007

How To Date A Millionaire.

Who says money can't buy you love? Eighty singles in New York City are betting money can at least open up the possibility of meeting their mate at a new type of speed dating event based solely on wealth and beauty.

In the urban dating jungle of Manhattan, natural selection of a different kind takes place on this night.

Shawn Vardi, a 25-year old real estate investor, is one of 40 men and 40 women who signed
on for an elite speed dating event broken down to what organizers call the bare essentials.

"Men want hot girls...girls want rich guys...let's put it together."

Single women qualify by beauty alone. Bachelors must make at least $200,000 a year or have assets worth one million or more.

"I'm just going to see what happens. Sometimes you spark a vibe and go from there," says Vardi.

Those qualifications may be shallow to some. But for one 24-year old who studied law, it is the perfect matchmaking opportunity.

"In the western society, money is the basis of power and success. I have always have been attracted to men who are successful," she says.

The rest is up to fate.

Participants have three minutes on each mini-date to make a connection.

Brief encounters that can be awkward one minute, and exciting the next.

Organizers admit money cannot buy love, but it hasn't stopped these singles from buying into the idea that money and looks may improve their odds at finding happiness.

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